The Howard Rice Connection

Sometimes, things seem to line up too perfectly. If they didn’t, conspiracies theories wouldn’t exist, right? However, there’s one so-called conspiracy that may have global significance. Have you ever heard of a Mr. Howard Rice?

A few years ago, we would have been scratching our heads, too. Who is Howard Rice, and why is he so important? We’re not sure, but we’ve found that everything comes back to Howard within six degrees, sometimes fewer. Sure, some of these people aren’t the same Howard… Aren’t they?

Even then, the numbers don’t add up. There are only so many Howard Rices in the world, so how is everything connected to a Howard Rice? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Our Origin Story

The process started a few years ago with a weird coincidence. My father, who has been missing since 1983, is a Howard Rice. Usually, I didn’t think much more of dear old dad, at least until I met a woman who claims that one of her dad’s old roommates in college was a Howard Rice.

Weird coincidence, right? Just wait, it gets weirder. After her, there came a bartender, who claims that his childhood friend had a neighbor named Annabelle Rice. Her dog’s name? Howard, a name he always remembered because really, who names their dog Howard?

And the further the three of us looked, the deeper the rabbit hole went. Now, we’re actively seeking out the connections our readers out there have been finding.

Tracking Mr. Rice

The more we dig into these strange happenings, the more people have questions about it. “Why Howard Rice?” they ask. “Don’t you think this is all a little too much? What’s the point anyway?”

Honestly, that’s the most exciting part of the process. The unknown aspects, the mystery surrounding each of our connections to the name Howard Rice, just keeps building up. What does it mean, and why is it that this name just keeps coming up?

That’s the point of this blog. We don’t know the whys or the hows, but together, maybe we can unravel the mystery of the Howards. Maybe it sounds a little silly, but once we look at how the connections stack up, maybe it will all come together.

Making the Connection

Now that you know a little bit about our project, we want to leave it open to our dear readers. Have you found a weird connection to a Howard Rice that you didn’t expect? We’ll share stories of how various people have found their connections to Howard Rice. The more stories we see, the closer we might get to some answers.

I’m sure there are still some skeptics out there, wondering if we’re just wasting our time. Maybe we are, yes, but you know what they say. “Two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern.” Now, we three want to figure out that pattern and why it just keeps happening.