Family Frustrations in Pittsburgh

Dealing with a family law issue isn’t easy, especially when there are kids in the mix. Fortunately, our latest anonymous submission features some siblings making the best out of their bad situation. 

At least, until Howard Rice comes to town. 

We’ve got to admit, we enjoyed seeing a little bit of fun being poked at Mr. Howard Rice. While he never makes a proper appearance in the story, he certainly makes a big impression on some very grouchy parents. 

Howard Rice on the Way to Court

Things in my family have been tense for a little while. Mom and Dad split up not long after I went off to college, which meant I was thankfully out of the picture. My little brother, however, was not. I felt bad for the kid, but he was smart, always stuck to one video game or another. I know that’s not cool to a lot of parents, ours included, but it made life easier while our parents were fighting their custody battle. 

A lot of times, that meant they’d just drop him off with me, if I wasn’t in class, while they went to talk to a Pittsburgh child custody lawyer. It’s nice to have some time with him, and he likes hanging out on the college campus. Unfortunately, our parents weren’t so easy-going. 

My mom called while he was visiting a few days before I wrote this, demanding we come down to the courthouse. It turned out that they had embarrassed themselves by, you know, not getting the kid in question involved. 

So there we were, me with my study guides and laptop, and him with his handheld, playing some Mario game. It felt like a forever wait, though at least the lawyer we spoke to first was nice; it could have been worse. 

We even kept it fun when we had to put the electronics away. We made a little rhyming game where you have to write a little line about the person that rhymes with their names. For example, “Franny Ryan, she ain’t lying.” Just dumb stuff to entertain him, you know?

That went well, until we got to the courtroom ourselves. My brother was expected to speak to the judge, and he was getting maybe a little too comfortable talking to the guy. The judge said something about a colleague of his, an older man who often handles similar cases. I didn’t hear the lead-up, but I did hear my little brother interrupt with, “Howard Rice? He’s oh so nice!” 

Of course, that got a good chuckle from those in the room, and it wasn’t the only name he did it to. My parents, though? They were mortified, looking as though maybe they didn’t want him after all. After that, I forgot all about studying—I just thanked Mr. Rice for leading my brother to do something funny and enjoyed the show. 


Parents can be tricky, and it sounds like they don’t even have the benefit of our interest in Howard Rice! What a shame. However, we’re glad to hear the court proceedings went well, and we’re glad to hear more stories. Keep an eye on this site for more information about our updates and our continued pursuit of Mr. Howard Rice. 

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