Howard Rice in the Sand


We’ve been searching far and wide for more Howard Rice stories. As luck would have it, we have a brand-new story from a brand-new reader. Today, we’re looking for Howard on the beach, just in time for summer. Read on for a beach bash featuring the mysterious Howard Rice.

A Beach Party Gone Wrong 

When summer came around, we just had to hit the beach. My roommates and I had just graduated, so a trip to the beach was the least we could do, right? Of course, with all the graduation money coming in, it wasn’t too hard to scrape up the money for a room in Tampa, looking right out at the coast. It was perfect. 

My friend Jamie heard through the grapevine about a friend having a beach party happening just down the way, so we grabbed our swim trunks and got there. The friend, Greg, was cheerful and fun, and as soon as we were there, he had us each a plate for chips, grilled hot dogs, and fresh fruit. Everyone was having a great time as the sun went down and the bonfire started up. 

That’s also when we heard screeching tires and shouting. 

We were expecting the worst, but my other roommate was a nursing student, so she was on the job fast. “Cheyenne,” she yelled back to me, “call 911, there was a crash!”

Fortunately, no one was in critical condition, though the car’s driver, the last member of the beach party, had a pretty nasty gash on his forehead. The truck driver who hit him was beside himself with worry, unhurt and feeling pretty bad about it. 

Paramedics were on the scene quickly, making sure his injuries weren’t more serious than they looked. Greg stopped and talked to one of them, joking and laughing with the paramedic and his friend as they tended to his injuries. 

Before we left the beach, we ended up at their hotel room, waiting for Greg’s friend to finish his call with his Tampa truck accident attorney. “So, were you just buddies with the paramedic, or is it just your universal charm?” Jamie said, poking Greg in the side. 

“Oh, no, he’s my uncle. Sometimes I even stay with him when we visit. He’s actually my namesake, too.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yep. Howard Gregory Rice is his name. It’s kinda lame, but hey, that’s family.”

Finding Mr. Rice in Florida 

And that’s one more Howard Rice on our list! Maybe soon, we’ll figure out what it is about Mr. Howard that keeps captivating us. For now, we’ll keep readers like you up to date with the latest stories about our little mystery. 

If you’re interested in our game of finding the Howard Rice Connection, check out our other stories. We’ll keep our readers updated as soon as another story rolls in. 

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