Howard Rice: Making a Wrong Turn in Albuquerque?

To all our readers out there in New Mexico, it’s time to get excited for a brand-new story. Today, we’re casting our eyes all the way over to Albuquerque! Who knows, maybe we’ll even run into Bugs Bunny as we connect our dots to the inimitable Howard Rice.

But, on to our exciting new connection. Our latest helper is writing in all the way from Tupelo, Mississippi, where our story really begins. It sounds like we’re in for a real road trip, folks, so buckle in while we count the degrees to a Mr. Howard Rice.

My Aunt’s Desert Adventures

My family likes to travel a lot. I mean, I’ve been to nearly every state myself, and I’m going to be traveling abroad with my parents over the summer. Though, it seems like it was my aunt who started it, back in her college days.

She’s always been a wild child, and she’s got some pretty wild stories to match, but when I saw your site, I had to write in because my aunt totally met Howard Rice! Or, a Howard Rice, anyway.

So, back during her spring break in college, sometime in the late eighties, she and some friends decided they were going to have a road trip to the Southwest. They rented an old van, loaded up their stuff, and took off across the continental US. They didn’t even bring a map! They just went where the road took them, and they’d find their way back home when they were done.

Well, a broken-down van put a damper on things, and a bad fall at the repair shop left one of her friends really hurt. My aunt was the one stuck going back and forth between checking in at the hospital, talking to an ABQ personal injury lawyer about the poor shop conditions, and then another trip to a completely different auto body shop!

It turns out that she could have saved her time, too. The van was a total loss, and there was nothing they could do about it. Total bummer, right?

Sure, at least until my aunt started complaining about her tough spot to the local gas station attendant. He was super helpful, and eventually, he gave her his cousin’s phone number. He owned a rental agency just a few miles down the road, and he’d be happy to help them. Funny enough, she always remembered the rental owner’s name: Howard Rice.

We Want to Share Your Stories

Wacky stuff, right? You never know when a Howard Rice is going to show up next. Of course, you folks might already have made your own connections, putting together a few more pieces.

That’s why we want people like you to send in your connections to a Howard Rice. The stranger, the better—we want to hear stories that will keep us guessing about our mysterious subject. We want you to share your stories, so we can learn a little more about why this Howard Rice keeps popping up over and over again.

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